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Multi-Cyclone Gas Scrubber

Filter Separator

Dry Gas Filter

Gas Scrubber Scrubber/K.O. Drums are designed & manufactured for removal of heavy dust & moisture particles from gas stream through: e Cyclones or Multi-Cyclones
e Dry or Coalescing Filter Cartridges

Filter Separator

The filter separator is a two-stage horizontal unit. It houses multiple replaceable cartridges in the first stage, and a vane mist eliminator pack in the second stage, designed for removal of 100% of the particles by weight of those larger than 5 microns.

The liquid sump will be divided into two sections to collect drained water in order to preclude any bypassing of the flowing gas from the first to the second stage.

Access to the replaceable first stage cartridges will be via a quick opening door, complete with an audible safety relief to prevent opening while still under pressure.

Dry Gas Filter

Dry Gas filters are used to remove fine debris from a gas pipeline. Dry gas filters use disposable depth type cartridges to retain contaminant in the element structure. Cartridges are sleeve type with inner and outer support housings. Support housings are re-usable with only the sleeve part disposable.


Safety Interlocked quick opening closure gives quick access to the internals.


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